XTASEA – The longest zip line in the world in Acapulco

XTASEA in Acapulco – Enjoy this amazing experience with Constellation Services.


XTASEA Acapulco por Constellation Services

XTASEA Acapulco by Constellation Services


XTASEA is Acapulco’s most recent attraction that promises a fascinating experience for real adventurers: the longest zip line in the world where you can fly over the sea! It’s a true adrenaline rush with a dreamlike setting: the beautiful Bay of Puerto Marqués.


This important work began its construction in September 2016 and was inaugurated months later in March 2017. Since then, it has had the representation of more than 58 countries thanks to the intrepid flying that make the zip line route day by day.


XTASEA Bahía Puerto Marqués

XTASEA – Vista aérea de la Bahía Puerto Marqués


XTASEA guarantees a totally safe experience since it was built with state-of-the-art technology and in compliance with the safety standards indicated by international organizations in the field. In addition, the equipment that guarantees user protection meets high-quality standards.


With XTASEA, you will travel 1,800 meters over the Bay of Puerto Marqués at 120 km/hour and at an elevation of 100 meters. Your adventure begins by picking you up in our comfortable vans at your hotel or wherever you indicate. Upon arriving at the departure platform, the Zipline Staff will give you important directions to make your flight an unforgettable experience and will put you on the necessary harnesses and safety equipment.


They will also offer you some options to record and have a memory of your flight that you can share with friends and family on your Social Networks if you wish. Upon reaching the other side of the zip line, after having enjoyed all the amenities that surround it, we will pick you up at the XTASEA checkpoint and transfer you to your Hotel or collection point.






Our safety commitment goes further, as our transportation will take you from the central to XTASEA and back, after having enjoyed all the amenities that surround the zip line.


The tourist and business complex Mundo Imperial Acapulco and Grupo Autofin México, companies with a solidity and experience of more than 30 years in the country, support this great adventure fulfilling their commitment to contribute to the recovery of the image of the port of Acapulco and , of course, to offer the best to its visitors.



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